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The description below is for an image or graphic that appears in the page: TDSAP Safeguarding Adults Review Multi-Agency Policy (Nov 2023)

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There are 12 questions
1.1. Has decision-making distinguished between mandatory and discretionary?
1.2. How timely has decision-making on referrals been?
1.3. What types of abuse and/or neglect are the main and secondary focus?
1.4. What methodology has been chosen and why?
1.5. What methods for gathering/exploring information have been chosen and why?
1.6. What positive/negative reasons for delay have impacted on the process?
1.7. Have services and agencies cooperated as required?
1.8. What approach has been taken to subject and family involvement?
1.9. Do annual reports provide required information: all SARs, findings and actions taken in response?
1.10. How has SAR quality been assured?
1.11. How has the SAB captured the outcomes of action taken?
1.12. Have reasons for decisions at all stages of the process been recorded?

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