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Author: catherine.knight

27 April 2022

Enough. We can stop Violence against Women and Girls

Let’s all be part of the change No-one should live in fear of abuse. Enough is enough. We can all do our bit to keep women and girls safe. Home

26 April 2022

Preventing Radicalisation

RADICALISATION DOESN’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. WORRIED ABOUT SOMEONE? ACT NOW, WE CAN HELP. Please click on the link for further information: Preventing Radicalisation – Safer Devon

25 April 2022

What is Hate Crime?

The Police don’t tolerate Hate Crime, why should you. Please read the various articles and the link is: Stop Homophobic, Transphobic, Racial, Religious & Disability Hate Crime – True Vision

2 April 2019

Forced marriage of adults with learning disabilities – Practice Guidance

This article summarises a Community Care information guide on forced marriage of adults with learning disabilities. The full guide covers the law on forced marriage, how to spot warning signs, case examples, safeguarding, consequences for the spouse and much more.