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13 October 2021

Cyber Awareness Month

October is cyber awareness month, and we are using this as an opportunity to promote useful guidance and advice for reducing cyber risk. Phishing is when attackers attempt to trick

22 June 2021

Citizens Advice Scams Awareness Fortnight

Find out more about Citizens Advice Scams Awareness Fortnight, from June 14th until June 27th

6 January 2021

Fake NHS COVID-19 Vaccine Text Alert

  Please be aware of fake NHS Covid-19 Vaccine Text Alerts that are circulating. Remember, the NHS will never ask for your payment details.

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29 June 2020

Modern Slavery

People affected by modern slavery may be exploited in industries such as agriculture and food processing. Modern slavery can affect some of the most vulnerable in our society.  Victims can

26 June 2020

Is your son or daughter struggling with the current restrictions on socialising?

  Is your son or daughter struggling with the current restrictions on socialising? Spending more time online in their bedroom, refusing to come out? Have their views become more extreme?

25 June 2020

Noticing that you are drinking more?

Noticed that you’re drinking more? Noticing effects on your wellbeing? Finding day-to-day life and relationships more difficult? Would you like to reduce how much you drink? Simple swaps can be

24 June 2020

Could it be a scam?

Be Scam Aware and go to Citizens Advice to report scams and help protect others, or call the Citizens Advice consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06 Scam awareness fortnight

24 June 2020

Online during lockdown

Is someone you know struggling with the restrictions on socialising? Spending more time online, reluctant to have a chat? Behaviour changed? Talking about new online friends? Intervene early, report your

22 June 2020

Domestic Abuse

Parents may be abused by their own children. Abuse can include physical abuse, emotional and psychological manipulation and threats. Domestic abuse is never ok. Help is available. #YouAreNotAlone. Further information

18 June 2020

Stop Loan Sharks

During the Covid-19 pandemic Stop Loan Sharks are still available for advice and information