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28 June 2024

Self-Neglect Awareness Week 8-12th July 2024

The North Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board (NSSAB) is pleased to present Self-Neglect Awareness Week 8-12th July. Each session will run daily on Teams between 12-1pm, with all professionals living and/or

11 June 2024

Tricky Friends

Having good friends is one of the great things that can make life really great but friendships can be tricky.  Please see an animation below regarding tricky friends.  

11 June 2024

Self neglect

Self neglect is when a person being unable, or unwilling, to care for their own essential needs. It can cover a wide range of behaviour including neglecting personal hygiene, health

two gold wedding rings overlapping
2 April 2019

Forced marriage of adults with learning disabilities – Practice Guidance

This article summarises a Community Care information guide on forced marriage of adults with learning disabilities. The full guide covers the law on forced marriage, how to spot warning signs, case examples, safeguarding, consequences for the spouse and much more.

29 March 2019

Launch of Level 1 Adult Safeguarding and Level 1 Mental Capacity Act E-Learning

DSAB has launched a new E-Learning package for Level 1 Adult Safeguarding and Level 1 Mental Capacity Act

28 February 2019

Launch of online toolkit to help tackle exploitation

The Safer Devon Partnership, Devon Safeguarding Children Partnership and Devon Safeguarding Adults Board have launched an online toolkit to tackle the threat of exploitation. This toolkit will help frontline colleagues learn about, identify and report exploitation happening in Devon and the surrounding area.