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Blackmail is a form of exploitation and can involve emotional abuse.

It is an act of coercion, often criminal, using the threat of revealing or publicising either substantially true or false, and often damaging, information about a person, to the public, family members, or associates unless certain demands are met.

It may involve using threats of physical or emotional harm, or of criminal prosecution, against the victim or someone close to the victim. It is normally carried out for personal gain – most commonly of position, money (a type of financial abuse), or property.

Getting help

Action Fraud

If you think that you have been a victim of financial blackmail, you should report the crime or incident to Action Fraud, not your local police service (unless it is an emergency). Action Fraud will initiate any necessary police investigation into your loss.

0300 123 2040

Womens Aid

Blackmail could be an aspect of ‘coercive control’ – a pattern of controlling, threatening and degrading behaviour that restricts a victims’ freedom. Womens Aid can provide advice and support if you are being financially abused in a domestic relationship.

0808 2000 247

Victim Support

Contact Victim Support if you are, or have been blackmailed and this has made you feel anxious, fearful or guilty. They provide emotional and practical help to victims of crimes and scams.

08 08 16 89 111