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Mate crime

Mate crime is when a person is harmed or taken advantage of by someone they thought was their friend.

This can include a friend asking for money and refusing to give it back or emotional or physical abuse by a person who was thought to be a friend.

Certain factors may make a person more susceptible to mate crime:

  • having limited close family or friends
  • a physical or learning disability
  • mental health issues
  • misusing drugs and/or alcohol
  • isolation from the community
  • having low self esteem

If you think that someone is taking advantage of you or someone you know:

  • Tell someone you trust, such as a family member, a doctor or the police.
  • Do not tell the person who is pretending to be your friend.

Getting help

Victim Support

Victim support is an independent charity, who work towards a world where people affected by crime or traumatic events get the support they need and the respect they deserve. They help people feel safer and find the strength to move beyond crime. Their support is free, confidential and tailored to your needs.

08 08 16 89 111


Mencap offer advice and support to people with a learning disability.

0808 808 1111

Devon and Cornwall Police

Devon and Cornwall Police provide advice for the public and professionals if you are concerned that someone may be at risk of being a victim of Mate Crime