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Launch of online toolkit to help tackle exploitation

The Safer Devon Partnership, Devon Safeguarding Children Partnership and Devon Safeguarding Adults Board have launched an online toolkit to tackle the threat of exploitation. This toolkit will help frontline colleagues learn about, identify and report exploitation happening in Devon and the surrounding area.

You can access the toolkit at on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We have developed a summary of the benefits and how to use the toolkit. We have also created a briefing for both front line workers and managers. To help raise awareness of the toolkit, we have produced a poster which you can display in your workplace.

We encourage you to share this toolkit with your colleagues and anyone else who could benefit from using it.

Although the information within the toolkit will be relevant to frontline workers outside of Devon, the advice about reporting concerns is specific to the area covered by Devon County Council, except where stated. Other local authority areas may recommend their own reporting protocols to their staff.

Any questions can be emailed to

Further information about exploitation happening in Devon can be found on the Safer Devon Partnership website.