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Information for professionals

Most professionals will have a relevant safeguarding lead in their organisation. It may be more appropriate to speak to this person first if you are unsure what to do, or you can contact Care Direct on 0345 1551 007 and request to be put through to the safeguarding adults professional line.

Where an adult is, or may be, at risk of harm from abuse or neglect then a safeguarding adult concern referral can be made to Care Direct using this referral form. Please complete this form, and send it to

This form can be used by professionals who work directly with adults in health and social care professions. Alternatively you can contact the safeguarding adults professional line through Care Direct.

For further information for professionals reporting a safeguarding adults concern, please refer to our guidance on deciding when and how to carry out a safeguarding adults enquiry.

Under the Care Act (2014), safeguarding duties apply to any adult (aged 18 and over) who:

  • has needs for care and support (regardless of whether the local authority is meeting these needs)
  • is experiencing, or is at risk of, abuse or neglect
  • due to their care and support needs, is unable to protect themselves from the risk/experience of abuse or neglect.

If you are unsure whether someone meets this criteria then please contact Care Direct on 0345 1551 007.

If you are concerned that an adult is at risk please call

0345 155 1007

or email

If it’s an emergency call 999