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Report your concern

Report your concern – Torbay Local Authority boundaries

Members of the public

If you are reporting concerns because you suspect that a vulnerable adult is being abused, or you are being abused yourself and live within Torbay Local Authority boundaries please contact us by:


Where a professional has identified a safeguarding concern and the allegation is regarding a service provider, it is expected that the professional refer to their organisational policy regarding raising a safeguarding concern and to raise this with the manager of the service that the concern relates to. This includes where they have either witnessed or been notified of a concern, for which they have a duty to raise a safeguarding adult concern to the local authority, unless they can evidence that it would be unsafe to do so.  This is critical, as it allows the provider to respond and take any immediate protective actions to reduce or remove the risk posed to the adult/s.

If you are reporting a concern in a professional capacity, please complete the safeguarding adult concern referral form (downloadable Word file) and return it to

Alternatively, you can email or call 01803 219888 (professionals only).