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Report your concern

What to expect when you report a concern

If you report a concern you can expect that:

  • You will be listened to and your concerns will be taken seriously.
  • Your concerns will be looked into fully and fairly.
  • The information will be received in the strictest confidence, and information will only be shared with relevant agencies with your consent or if it is necessary to do so. You will always be informed if this is necessary. Information may be shared between professionals if consent is withheld, but in order to do this, it must be believed that:
    • There is a high risk of serious harm to the person, or
    • consent was withheld under duress, coercion or threats, or
    • other adults or children are at risk.
  • If consent is withheld and the risk of harm is assessed as low at that time, trained staff will consider what safeguarding actions can be taken, and what information and advice can be offered to the adult to enable them to get help in the future.
  • If the person is unable to give informed consent and information needs to be shared in order to prevent or protect them from abuse, then the principle of ‘need to know’ for the purpose of safeguarding adults will be observed.
  • If you are the person experiencing abuse, you will be involved in decision making and trained staff will work in partnership with you to stop the abuse and agree steps to protect you.
  • You will get advice about the help and support available.